Everything existing in this world has some history from where it has been evolved. For instance, life has evolved from microorganisms to sea creatures from them to large animals to apes and finally to men. This man now makes artificial things converting one format to another.
Internet marketing has some history too. It's all started with the needs of modern technology and then advancement in this technology.
The phenomenon of online management started from the first web “world Wide Web” in 1990. Then 19955, in this year Netscape the ISP went commercial and bought the computer and web world into existence by exploring its commercial importance.
The Internet has not been a marketing place from starting, but it all started as email. Email stands for Electronic Mail. People send their emails from person to person having some file attachment as well. It is widely used in all sort of messages and purposes. Either by a company, an institution or a bank, etc. Using email people started interacting with other people, and this gave rise to further progress in field of Internet marketing.
After email and good contacts between people an individual who wanted to prove his idea in public needed some platform. For this purpose the first " browser” for Tim Berners Lee‘s hypertext protocol became prominent as a free download web from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. This was the first time. The Web came and proved to be an identity source.
Its has been used for the purpose of data transfer as well. In large companies and industries but now Internet marketing has come thousands mile away in technology and advancement.
From all the above it has now in progress making some applications and flourishing in the world of marketing by selling their formulas and applications for public use.

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