Three Types of Internet Marketing And Its Pros And Cons

What is Internet Marketing?
Many people assume that marketing is the only way to go from door to door to promote your products, spend thousands of money on TV or radio channels and get a commercial aired on so that people from different areas may know about your products. It is not only the way to let people know that what you are launching. As with the invention of the internet, it has become easy for innovative entrepreneurs, business owners, home-based job seekers to find new electronic ways to earn more money with fewer expenses. Internet marketing includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Assets Optimization (DAO), E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Blog Marketing, Viral marketing and Affiliate marketing. But here we are going to discuss three common types of internet marketing that encompass all these facts.
Three Types of Internet Marketing
There are three forms of marketing that can be used to promote your products without spending extra money. After getting enough knowledge about these types, you can choose one or three of them at the same time as per your need and apply it to expand your business.
1) Video/Vlogs Marketing
This strategy is not new in the market as it is similar to the TV ads that we are used to watching daily. Different innovative and professional companies spend money on these ads to promote their products. TV ads are somehow different video marketing which has paved its ways to the digital world.

How to start video marketing?
For video marketing, it is important to create a fine and lucrative business enterprise and learn how to edit a video. Only invest in those programs that are easy to find and can easily be edited.

Pros and Cons
• Broaden social networking
• Budget friendly
• Near to accomplish objectives and goals
• Fear of being scammed

2) Email Marketing
If you are addicted of browsing social media sites or emailing your friends on a daily basis, you can make more money through it. Email marketing is another common type of internet marketing. You can send the detail of your services to your friends, colleagues, relative and many other groups of people via emails.

How to make money through Emails?
Make your target list of recipients and set a list of those people who receive your email ads regularly. It is important to collect new email addresses from different parts and send them emails to convince them.

Pros and Cons
• It saves your time.
• It prevents you from spending too much money.
• It connects you with some people.
• Sometimes the internet gets a glitch, and email cannot deliver to the member.
• It can create spamming issues

3) Article Marketing
Writing about your products in details is a way to success. This viral internet marketing method involves writing materials in the forms of ads, SEO, SEM, articles by the freelance writers.

Tips to start earning money through ‘Article Marketing.’
Make sure that your writing material should be accurate if you are writing it for articles sites like or These article sites are highly ranked, and if your articles passed the quality tests, you would surely get rewarded for your work.

Pros and Cons
• Attractive contents grab the attention of your clients.
• Raise the visibility of your company.
• It is an easy, affordable and useful way to connect with your number of clients.
• Some freelance article writers want to compete for getting jobs, so there is no surety that you will earn thousands of dollars.

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